The operator of the website (later: Website) informs the visitors about their practices in managing personal data, the organizational and technical measures for protecting the data, and about the rights of the visitors, and the options of their enforcement.

The manager of the data Hirschler Automotive Glass Kft. (later: Operator) (Address: 9400 Sopron, Ipar körút 24.)

In case the Operator requests personal data from the visitor (later: User) for any purpose, following provision applies.

This Privacy Policy includes basic information about the managing, processing, registration of personal data, which may presented by the User in connection with the usage of the Website of the Operator. If you have any questions regarding the management of your personal data, please contact our help-desk before making use of the Website.

The Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time, the User is required to revisit the Website to be informed about possible changes. The Privacy Policy entered into force on the 1st of March 2010. The Operator is responsible for your personal data provided on the Website.

Data request

In general the User has no obligations to provide personal data for using the Website; but for some certain services it may be required, to provide specified personal data to the Operator

Depending on the service, the Operator may request following personal data:

  • Name and contact data, including you e-mail address, address, as well as data about your company;
  • information about you personal and professional interests;
  • demographic data;
  • experience with our products and you preferred contact details, so we can provide you with additional information about our products and services.

1. The range of managed data

During the visit of the Website the start and end date of the User’s visit is automatically recorded, and in some cases – depending on the User’s configuration – the type of the browser and operating system. The system generates from these data automatically statistic data. The Operator does not connect these statistical data with any personal data. The Website sends on login a session ID, which is automatically deleted on leaving the Website.

The usage of data for using the Website is voluntary consent of the user.

The Operator requests, that “Minors” – defined by the relevant local legislation – should not commit transactions (buy or any other transaction) without the permission of a parent or legal guardian.

2. The purpose of processing data

The data management serves the continuous contact between the Operator and the registered Users using the Website, and to survey public opinions. In addition, it uses and manages solely for the purpose to maintain a higher level of service for the User, particularly in the following areas:

  • to answer the question asked on the Website;
  • delivering newsletters;
  • internal records;
  • to improve the content of the Website;
  • to inform about he updates of the Website;
  • to personalize the content of the Website;
  • to deliver publications to the User he has ordered on the Website.

The Operator can contact the User by e-mail, on the phone, by fax or by mail, unless one of these are set as preferred.

The date of visit, and the recording and storing of the type of browser and operating system are done only for statistical purposes.

The Operator does not use the personal data for different purpose than specified. The usage of such data is voluntary consent of the user.

Every personal data and fact about the User are handled confidentially by the Operator, they are only used for development of its services, the sale of advertising space and its own research and statistics. The publication of these statements are made only in a way that is not suitable for individual identification of each User.

Without the consent of the User the Operator shall not transfer or not disclose or not sell, or rent to third parties and will not make personal information available, only if it is necessary by the objectives of the Privacy Policy or is required by law.

If the Operator wished to provide information about the products and opportunities that may be interesting for the User, such information may be sent to the User by e-mail, on the phone, by fax or by mail, unless one of these are set as preferred.

When the User provides personal data, he has the opportunity to indicate, that the Operator does not use them for direct marketing purposes. If the Users selects this option, the Operator will not contact him for direct marketing purposes. In this case, please contact our call-center. If te User is a client of the Operator, or previously requested information about the Operator’s products, it is possible, that the Operator informs per e-mail about it’s product range, unless the opposite is not explicitly requested.

If the User provided personal data to receive information about the services of the Operator by e-mail, it will be continued to be sent out by e-mail, unless the opposite is not explicitly requested. Otherwise, if you provide personal data to the Operator, you can choose if you want to receive such notices by e-mail too.

3. Time-frame of processing

The session IDs are deleted automatically on leaving the Website.

The Operator is not responsible for already removed webpages, which have been cached by internet search engines. The removal has to be requested at the operator of the search engine

4. Access to personal data, data processors

Personal data provided by the User can be accessed by the staff of the Operator.

Personal data is not provided to third parties except for those indicated by the Operator. This does not apply to any statutory, mandatory disclosures, which may take place only in exceptional cases. The Operator examines whether there is a real legal basis for providing data on each request of the authorities prior to performing it

5. The rights of the Users’ about the management of their personal data, data deletion

The processing of personal data is voluntary consent of the user.

The Users can request information about the management of their personal data. The Operator provides information on request about the data handled by him, the purpose and time-frame of data management, legal basis, the Operator’s name, address (Address: 9400 Sopron, Ipar körút 24.) and activities related to data management, as well as who and for what purpose the data were received. Information can be requested on the postal address of the Operator (Address: 9400 Sopron, Ipar körút 24.), or at the e-mail address.

The User can request the change or deletion of their personal data on the same contact information above.

If the usage of the Website in not appropriate, or the user wishes relevant data will be deleted. Deletion will be done in 24 hours starting on the next working day after the request is done.

The Operator emphasizes the safety of your personal data. In order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, and for protection and safety, appropriate physical, electronic, on-line procedure is applied to the received data.

6. Data security measures

The Operator stores personal data on the servers of Web Hosting Kft. (9700 Szombathely, Semmelweis Ignác utca 2., which are protected 24 hours by security personal, and are located on the Hungarian internet backbone.

7. Enforcement options

The User who feels that the Operator has infringed the right to protect personal data, cat assert its claim before civil court, or request the assistance of the commissioner of data protection. Detailed legal regulations about this, and the obligations of the Operator to protect personal information and public data are covered by the LXIII. Act. from 1992.

The design of this Privacy Policy is based on the LXIII. Act. from 1992, and Act VI. from 1998

8. Information on dangers threatening privacy

Using the internet involves different dangers threatening privacy.

Please note that the opinions expressed by you on the Website are personal data, from which someone could draw conclusions about your special data, origin, political opinion. These data can be accessed by anybody.

We recommend that you protect your personal data using PET technologies (Privacy Enhancing Technology). You can find relevant information on several web sites.

9. Important web pages

Privacy Enhancing Technology

Privacy information