Our company is working in 90% with own developed machines, which continuous improvements requires the deep knowledge of technology, as well as the creative thinking. Our success is based on the combination of our experience, good problem-solving ability and mechanical know-how. Therefore, we can fulfil any special needs, from planning and prototype phase to serial production.

Hirschler premium bending technology – with tempering function

As a result of more than 10 years of developments, we have created a unique glass bending technology, with which a worldwide unique quality can be achieved. The Hirschler premium bending technology makes possible the accurate bending of glasses sheet by sheet, furthermore besides the regular soda-lime glasses the thin aluminosilicate glasses (from 0,54mm thickness) shaping – according to automotive standards – as well. Compared to traditional technology, better quality is achieved in all aspects: perfect reflection optic, good transmission optic features, excellent tension values, outstanding shape accuracy with high production stability.

The so called lightweight or hybrid glazing may be essential for the sports and electric cars of the future, because up to more than 50% weight savings can be achieved, which can be measured in kilograms per square meter.

Based on the benefits of the bending technology, we developed a tempering zone in our Premium Technology Furnace, where we can produce 1,4mm soda-lime semi-tempered glasses without quality decrease as well.
We have launched new products in our company: 3D shaped, semi-tempered laminated glasses.
In addition, the strength of hybrid structures can also be increased with this technology.


One of our innovations in our product range is the insulated glass unit with transparent spacer – this product has been developed according to the market demands relayed by the company Guardian (the product has been secured by a joint patent). We have produced the prototype according to the specifications, the necessary tests/certifications have been performed.

Then based on the experiences we collected during the production of the samples we have developed the technology for the serial production of the transparent spacer. The production line is running continuously since then.

Emergency window

The special emergency window is another innovative product developed by the A Hirschler Automotive Glass Kft. This glass is used mainly in the railway industry, and it is built in the vehicles of high-tech railway companies for choice. The developed construction has been patented as well.


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